WW I. Military Hospital Patient Registry Book Houses of Parliament, Vienna

Artwork Photography and Facsimile

In autumn 2014 we were able to accomplish a very special assignment on behalf of the Austrian directorate of the Houses of Parliament - the digital picture capturing of the the so called “patient-registry-book”. This book contains 140 pages in a format of approximately 42 cm width times 52 cm height.

We have been able to deliver two copies of this book in the original size in February 2015.

The building complex of the Houses of Parliament - then the so called “k.k. Reichsratsgebaeude” - has been utilised as a military hospital for wounded officers after the outbreak of WW I. - dating back from September 1914 through November 1916. The entries into this book cover a period from September 26th 1914 to November 28th 1916. From March 1917 onwards the building has been assigned again to its original designation as the gathering venue “Herrenhaus und Abgeordnetenhaus” (Manor House and House of Deputies).